A variety of courses are offered by the Santa Clara Power Squadron, both to the public and to our members.


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Seamanship (S):

This course is the recommended first course for new members, both power boaters and sailors.  The student learns basic deck seamanship and boat operation and maintenance:  navigation rules, hull design and performance, responsibilities of the skipper, boat care, operating a boat under normal and abnormal conditions, what to do in various emergencies and weather conditions, ropes, knots and anchoring, nautical customs and common courtesy on the water. 

Location: TBD
Date and Time: Not Scheduled
Advanced Piloting (AP):

Advanced Piloting Icon

This course builds Piloting to teach how to navigate safely in coastal waters – use of GPS, radar, and other electronics to safely navigate and avoid hazards, prediction of tides and tidal currents and their impact on boat position, and advanced positioning techniques. 

Date and Time: Not Scheduled
Junior Navigation (JN):

 Junior Navigator Icon.This course begins the study of offshore (open-ocean) navigation – planning passages with special open-ocean charts and tracking progress using both traditional celestial navigation and electronics.


Date and Time: Not Scheduled
Navigation (N):

 Navagtor Icon.This course advances of celestial navigation skills and understanding for offshore navigation.


Date and Time: Not scheduled

Seminars and Elective Courses

Description Schedule
Weather Class:

The safety and comfort of those who venture out-on-the-water have always been weather dependent. This seminar is a must for boaters who have never taken a weather course. The complex subject of weather is presented in a way that is both understandable and useful. Topics include:

Air Masses and Fronts;
Clouds and Thunderstorms;
Fog; and

Location: TBD
Date and Time: September 18, 2017 7:00 PM - Runs for ten weeks
Emergencies On Board Seminar: Member cost: $35.00

This seminar is designed to prepare the prudent skipper for those unfortunate situations involving accidents and emergencies on board. It will provide the skipper with the information to prepare adequately for common emergencies and how to actually deal with them when they occur. Topics such as preventing accidents, running aground, fire, getting lost, towing, medical conditions, as well as other often-encountered emergencies are covered. The seminar comes with the Emergencies on Board Quick Guide—a handy reference to use in responding to emergency situations.

Location: Mountain Mike\'s Pizza 301 E Hamilton Ave, Campbell
Date and Time: 20 Oct, 2017 6PM - 8PM
Not Scheduled